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ROSA Fresh

ROSA Fresh is modern Linux operating system for personal home use. ROSA Media Player, Steam®, Skype®, Adobe Flash®, fonts, codecs and more and more apps just right out of the box. Install them from our repos easy way. Download and use it for free of charge. No registration needed. Support by community of developers.


ABF – Automated Build Farm. Do you want to become a Linux developer? Do you like Open Source and Free Software Foundation ideas? Make your own Linux. Make it better with your skills. Our infrastructure – your ideas. From code to ISO image. Why use someone’s products? Make your own software easily and fast.

ROSA Enterprise

ROSA Enterprise Linux is developed for everyday business use. You can choose it for server or desktop. Download trial server version now. Server version is based on RedHat® technologies with our original components and has fully RedHat compatibility. Wonder less prices. Contact sales for further details.


Recent News

ROSA Fresh R9 is out!

ROSA Desktop R9 is the first release based on new packages platform 2016.1. The distributive is targeted mainly to the Linux advocates eager to try the new software versions. According to the updates policy the R9 version of the ROSA distribution will have 4 years of technical support. View details Downloads

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ROSA Fresh R8.1 release updated.

Dear friends! Here we are happy to present the next correcting release of ROSA Fresh R8 platform by launching updated ROSA Fresh R8.1 version. This ROSA Fresh R8.1 release is primary purposed for users who need stable LTS platform on modern hardware. This release contains all patches and software updates for Intel Skylake chipset and

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Happy New Year 2017

Dear friends! We’re proud to wish you a good luck in new 2017 year. We’ll try our best to continue developing our linux distributions even much better in new 2017 year. Happy new year and best wishes to all of you and your families.   ROSA Linux developers.

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