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Beta release of ROSA Marathon 2012 is now available for download

06 апреля 2012 | Irina Monakhova | Products

We are happy to announce that the first ROSA Marathon 2012 Beta is available today in our repositories for testing. It will be a 5 year supported release, so it will be the first LTS (Long Time Supported) release for our team.

ROSA Marathon uses newest KDE Software Compilation version 4.8.2 as desktop environment. As opposed to previous version it have improved stability, performance and memory requirements.

The core part of ROSA Marathon 2012 is Linux kernel 3.0.26. Driver stack is completely updated. For example, we are supported new Intel «Sandy Bridge» architecture.

Our developers are also working under the system installer imrovements too. So we fixed some bugs to make system installation process quicker.

Newer versions of applications that developed by ROSALab - Klook  and the ROSA Media Player are included in this release and will be available after installation.

Popular user applications are also presented by their LTS versions. For Firefox and Thunderbird this is version 10. LibreOffice have latest stable version 3.4.5 is included.

This release ROSA Marathon 2012 is built on our new build system - ABF (Advanced Build Farm) that is developed by ROSA Team too. Today we are more independent from outer world than ever. Main ROSA repositories stand in Russia, we follow the Russian laws. All of this gives to us more opportunities to the next progress than in any European countries.

We are continue working under system testing and improvements to make ROSA 2012 release better. Final version of ROSA Marathon will be avaliable in late April.

You can download ROSA Marathon 2012 here and here.