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Development News (KLook and StackFolder)

19 июня 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

Great news for our users! Our developers are finalizing testing of updates for several tools including KLook and StackFolder. The freshest versions will be available for users soon. What can we expect to see in the nearest future?


The list of supported formats has been enlarged: now you can view PDF and ODT files along with other documents. In fact, this is a great news, since both formats are quite popular, but KLook was missing their support.

KLook: support of PDF files

KLook: support of ODT files

Besides that, we have prepared a patch for the Dolphin file manger which adds a couple of new functions. For example, now there is no need to press space in order to launch KLook – it is enough to just place cursor over the file. In the upper right corner of the file thumbnail you will see a small icon which will launch KLook if you click on it. This functionality should be enabled in Dolphin settings. It is useful for those who used to perform all operations using mouse, without touching a keyboard.

You can also find the KLook icon on the toolbar. You can select a group of files and then click on that icon – the documents will be opened in or tool.

Meanwhile, from now on, if you have opened a file in KLook and now want to open another file the same directory, there is no need to return to file manager, select necessary file and launch KLook again. You can access another documents in the same folder just by using navigation buttons or keyboard arrows. This feature will help users who are not familiar with “hot key” combinations.


In the StackFolder tool, we have added support for Drag-n-Drop (a way to operate objects of graphical environment by dragging them over and “thorowing” to each other). So users obtain all accompanying charm: e.g., you can now move and copy files from StackFolder and perform any actions associated with particular file types, such as unpacking archive to a selected location.

Drag-n-Drop works in the opposite direction, too: you can move files to StackFolder by dragging them to the applet icon situated on the toolbar. An interesting feature: if you select some text (e.g., in Konversation) and drag this text to StackFolder, then it will be saved to a text file whose name you will be asked for.

StackFolder supports drag and drop

Meanwhile, you can drag files from SimpleWelcome to StackFolder, as well. For examples, you can go to the list of recently used documents and drag those files that you have accessed not long ago to the StackFolder. This is especially useful if you don't remember where you have saved the file.

This is just a small part of Drag-n-Drop functionality, though. It is almost impossible to describe all possibilities provided by it.

In the nearest future updated KLook and StackFolder will be available for download. We hope you will like these improvements.

If you find a bug in our applications, pleases report it as soon as possible. We are always glad to receive feedback an carefully read every message.