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Meet the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE

30 декабря 2013 | Ekaterina Lopukhova | Products

The ROSA company presents a new update pack in the "R" lineup — the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE.

The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE is based on the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 codebase. This LXDE version meets all criteria of the "simple and beautiful" principle: the simplicity of the GUI brings the maximum work speed. The desktop is based on the GTK+2 framework, but some of the components use the most recent GTK+3/GNOME3 breakthrough.

The ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 LXDE features:

  • all the recent code/packages updates available by 24 December 2013
  • the LXDE base components are updated to its latest stable versions: pcmanfm v1.1.2, lxpanel v0.6.1
  • the XFCE power manager and XFCE notification management (including notification-daemon-xfce) with modifications for systemd adoption
  • you may now easily join your computer to domains LDAP and AD using LightDM
  • the release includes a new experimental icons theme and flat GUI design, the 'ROSA LXDE Flat'. You may switch to default rosa-elementary theme through LXappearance and Qtconfig.
  • the compton composite manager is enabled by default. To disable it, edit the '/etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart' removing the corresponding string.

You may download the ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 installation images from here 

Your bugreports are always welcome at ROSA bugzilla

For general release info and errata please refer to ROSA Desktop Fresh R2 wiki page

You may always discuss ROSA Fresh R2 on our forums   (English-French-Polish-Spanish speakers are welcome)