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Release candidate of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" 2012

02 октября 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

Following the development roadmap, ROSA team is pleased to announce a release candidate of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" 2012. Thanks to efforts of developers and numerical volunteers participated in testing of the first version of the product, the system became more stable and functional.


The main goal of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" is to provide compatibility (including the binary-level one) of free and proprietary enterprise applications. That's why RELS is based on two open operating systems - Red Hat and Mandriva - which are accompanied with ROSA products. This allows to develop a stable system with rich functionality including building private clouds and centralized management of network resources.

While preparing this pre-release variant of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium", we have implemented more improvements in key system components. Summary of changes with respect to the Alpha version:

  • updated ROSA Server Setup;
  • updated ROSA Directory Server;
  • updated ROSA Management Console;
  • LXDE components are updated to freshest versions;
  • revised a set of packages included in the minimal installation, as well as a set of LXDE packages;
  • provided possibility to install the system over network;
  • improved stability and security of major system components;
  • ... and many others.

Among modifications implemented in ROSA Directory Server, one can highlight new brandname tools aimed to automate the process of updating DNS data for all hosts in a network, as well as timely updates of network configuration. To solve these tasks, two new components were developed - dnsmod LDAP overlay and ldapbindfs pseudo file-system.

Dnsmod allows to modify DNS data directly in LDAP using a specialized web interface or external tool in the dynamic updates mode. But the main purpose of dnsmod is to automatically track modifications of data in DNS tree. For example, it tracks addition, removal and modification of DN records in LDAP.

Ldapbindfs is a FUSE-based file system aimed to work with DNS zone files. All operations with zone files are represented as read, write, remove and edit operations over LDAP data.

The most interesting feature of this solution is that it doesn't require any modifications in BIND. Ldapbindfs file system works opaquely, so the name server doesn't know anything about LDAP server at all and works with standard configuration files, as usual. This provides a unified and simple way of storing and updating DNS data records. Administrator only has to feed necessary data using web interface.

Versions of major distribution components were not updated:

  • kernel 2.6.32
  • glibc 2.12
  • xorg-x11 1.10
  • httpd 2.2.15
  • mysql 5.1
  • postgresql 8.4
  • php 5.3.3
  • ruby 1.8.7
  • perl 5.10.1

The final release of ROSA Enterprise Linux Server "Helium" is scheduled for November.

Please report any issues and suggestions to developers by e-mail:

For more information please contact Konstantin Kochereshkin, ROSA PR-manager. Tel.: +7(495) 229-8812; e-mail: