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ROSA Desktop 2012: Towards the Release

07 декабря 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

ROSA team is pleased to announce release candidate of the ROSA Desktop 2012 operating system. Less than three weeks are left until the final release of the distribution.

Download  ROSA Desktop 2012 RC.

The work on the new generation of ROSA desktop operating system is coming to its end. Release candidate is the fourth and the last test version of the distribution. Since the alpha release in August, 2012 developers have significantly improved stability of the system, fixed all critical issues and added support for a wide range of modern hardware.

Among the changes implemented by company engineers especially for the release candidate of ROSA Desktop 2012, one should highlight significant updates in the semantic desktop tool (TimeFrame) and improvements in the GRUB2 boot loader. And GRUB2 modifications have been already accepted by upstream.


Experiments with design were continued, as well. They concerned both general graphics theme and standalone applications, as well as dozens of new icons. Thanks to the work done, the system obtained more modern appearance and was even favored with review from designers of Art. Lebedev Studio.

A complete log of the work done can be found at ROSA wiki. .

The Release candidate includes fresh versions of major system components and user software. It is the emphasis on fresh software versions that makes the major distinction between ROSA Desktop 2012 and other items from the company's product line. To highlight this fact, we are planning to slightly modify the “ROSA Desktop 2012” name in the final release. The final name will be announced at the official product presentation at the end of December, 2012.

The 2012 platform is being developed by ROSA as a basis for experiments with new versions of software components. It includes new components that were not available earlier, as well as newly developed brand-name components. That's why ROSA Desktop 2012 will be found amazing  by those who like to change the world and themselves. 

Reports about bugs found are welcome in our bugzilla.
A list of known issues with the release candidate can be found here .
You are welcome to discuss ROSA Desktop 2012 RC and ask your questions in our forums.

For more information please contact Konstantin Kochereshkin, ROSA PR-manager. Tel.: +7(495) 229-8812; e-mail: