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ROSA has joined the Steering Committee of Automotive Grade Linux

06 декабря 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Company

ROSA representatives have joined the Steering Committee of the Automotive Grade Linux project aimed to develop a prototype of a software platform for next generation  in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. AGL joins the major automotive manufacturers, leaders of the customer electronics market and large-scale IT companies. The Automotive Grade Linux project was launched by the The Linux Foundation.

AGL official site.

Besides traditional criteria (engine power, speed, economy, safety), customers increasingly evaluate cars with respect to their entertainment and information features. People spoilt by the progress of communication devices expect to get habitual features and functionality in their new automobiles.

“ROSA has achieved good results in developing software for desktop computers and mobile devices. We have a vision how to make our products useful and attractive for automobiles» - says Vladimir Kryukov, ROSA Product Marketing Director.

In particular, at the exhibition in London in autumn 2012, ROSA demonstrated a prototype of ROSA Sputnik in-vehicle infotainment system. The working prototype allows to play multimedia files, see the places of interest by means of excursion modules and construct routes taking into account a large set of criteria. All information can be displayed either at the screen of on-board computer or at the car's windshield. For this purpose, specialized user interface modules were developed that use the Augmented Reality concepts.  

Technical details about ROSA Sputnik is here.

ROSA is also carrying research in the field of semantic interfaces, optimization of information structure and increase of its accessibility. A talk concerning this topic was given at the Automotive Linux Summit.

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