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20 июня 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

Dear friends, we are glad to announce the release of our community LXDE-edition -- ROSA LXDE 2012 LTS. The distro is based on ROSA Marathon packages and is 100% compatible with it.

The only and main difference is the default graphic enviroment which is LXDE -- Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. This community release is designed primarily for users with old legacy hardware.

LXDE Control Center

Appearance settings in LXDE CC

GPicView and ChBg setup

Minimal system requirements:

RAM 256Mb, recommended 384Mb, for Live session -- 384Mb
Min 6Gb on hard disk
Processor: Pentium4/Celeron compatible

Software versions (Based on ROSA 2012 Marathon):

kernel 3.0.28 lts
lxpanel based on lxpanelx with some improvements from ROSA
pcmanfm 0.9.10
Libre Office (Writer and Calc)
main European locales
Firefox 10
vlc 2
deadbeef 0.5.2
LXDE Control Center
audio/videocodecs by default.

You can get distro from ROSA:

Bug reports are admitted at 

NOTE: component "LXDE Edition" should be selected while filing a new bug for this release.

To discuss and to ask questions regarding the ROSA LXDE 2012 LTS community edition please come to our English forum at