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ROSA Marathon 2012 RP2 (Enterprise Desktop X1)

18 апреля 2013 | Petr Fomichev | Products

ROSA is pleased to announce the second update pack for ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system with extended (5 years) period of technical support. The pack includes the up-to-date (as of April, 2013) LTS-versions of applications as well as critical security fixes and updated kernel with extended hardware support.  Also, we have re-branded this update pack, which is now called ROSA Enterprise Desktop X1. "Marathon" is kept as a short code name synonym for the enterprise desktop product line.

Download RP2.

Marathon RP 2 contains most important backports from ROSA Desktop Fresh development branch that proved to be reliable and stable. In particular:  

  • During the installation, users can now select services that should be enabled/disabled by default (Samba, OpenVPN, CUPS, SSH).
  • Package management Software was updated (RPM 5.4 and new Berkley DB5.2 used as RPM database). This should simplify backport of modifications from future ROSA Desktop releases.
  • Bootload settings (Dracut configuration) were modified to improve stability of systems based on Nvidia/Radeon video cards.
  • Kernel was updated to 3.0.69 (the latest version in 3.0.x series).
  • More than 1000 of other minor improvements were introduced.

Among the updates of user applications, one should highlight LTS-versions of LibreOffice 3.6.4, Firefox 17.0.4 and Thunderbird 17.0.4.

Feel free to submit your bug reports to ROSA Bugzilla.

We are looking for your feedback in our forums: ROSA English, ROSA German Community, ROSA Spanish Community, ROSA Romanian Community, ROSA Italian Community.

Download ROSA Marathon X1:

32 bit

64 bit

ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system was presented in May 2012. The distribution is targeted at enterprise market. The first update pack of the system was released in August 2012.

In summer 2012 ROSA community presented additional builds with GNOME and LXDE desktop environments. Reviews of ROSA Marathon were published on many online resources all over the world. For example: PC Week, ComputerWorld, Byte Russia,, and others. 

For more information please contact Konstantin Kochereshkin, ROSA PR-manager. Tel.: +7(495) 229-8812; e-mail:

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