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ROSA Marathon 2012 will be officially presented on May 14th, 2012

13 мая 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

ROSA company is pleased to inform that it has completed the work on ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system - a Linux distribution with extended 5-year technical support with a focus on enterprise customers. We have optimized the package base of the officially supported main repository of the distribution by selecting the most stable and important components necessary for Enterprise, though still providing desktop users with possibility to install large variety of applications from our extended repositories.

The distribution includes application software sufficient to fulfill most of the typical tasks: multifunctional office suite, Web browser, mail client, instant messenger, programs to view and edit audio and video files, etc. Along with standard applications, ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system contains brand-name ROSA products aimed to improve ergonomics of the system. These products include:

  • ROSA SimpleWelcome (grouping applications according to their functionality);
  • ROSA Time Frame ("cloud" mode of representing information in chronological order);
  • ROSA Klook (a quick viewer for files of different formats);
  • ROSA Sphere Client (quick access to technical support);
  • ROSA StackFolder (convenient access to files);
  • ROSA RocketBar (quick and convenient way to launch applications and switch between them);
  • ROSA Media Player (mediaplayer with a number of unique features).

ROSA Marathon 2012 is compliant with the Linux Standards Base (LSB). This allows users to launch LSB-compliant applications, including proprietary software important for enterprise users.

ROSA 2012 Marathon will be available in two editions: Free (includes free software only) and Extended Edition (with non-free components and proprietary software, such as multimedia codecs), allowing users to either follow the spirit of Free Software, or to get as much functionality as possible "out of the box".

ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system is the first product of ROSA company created using our own software development and build environment - ROSA ABF - that gives us complete control of package base and development tools, guarantying technological independence and high quality of the distribution. This also allows ROSA company to guarantee 5-year long technical support which implies software security updates, bug fixes for system components and updates of application software up to new versions acknowledged to be stable.

With the release of ROSA Marathon 2012, the main focus of ROSA company will switch to preparation of a new operating system - ROSA Desktop 2012, which is planned to be released in the end of the year. Compared to Marathon, the Desktop version will primarily target desktop users, looking for leading-edge features, wide range of system customization possibilities and large variety of applications. Developers will concentrate efforts on system acceleration, improvement and finalization of boot loader and installer, update of system components, and surely on adding the freshest versions of different applications, including large variety of games.

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