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RP 1 for ROSA Marathon 2012

17 августа 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Products

Today we are announcing the first update pack for the ROSA Marathon 2012 release (Release Pack 1).

The Release Pack 1 includes all LTS updates and bugfixes available at the moment, as follows:

  • users can now avoid some graphical cards issues which prevented booting into live mode or into initial installation by using safe mode
  • Firefox was updated to the latest LTS version 10.0.4. The Yandex default search issue was fixed also
  • kernel was updated to v3.0.38
  • the Russian man pages issue was fixed
  • KDE updated to v4.8.3, the removable media automount issue fixed
  • the wrong file permissions issue of a user avatar file in fresh install was fixed, the KDE Control Center freezing problem while editing personal data was fixed also
  • the user name and user data set during the system installation are now present by default in the KDE control center after installation, the KDM was patched to display the user data, too
  • the language preference settings from KDE Control Center apply globally, no need to use the localedrake now
  • the SimpleWelcome first launch issue fixed, the users' request for adding tooltips for application icons was fulfilled
  • KRunner entry duplication fixed
  • added PDF and ODT support for KLook
  • Drag and Drop support for StackFolder was also added
  • the ROSA graphical theme was renewed and lightened up, which resulted in faster system startup
  • the weird Dolphin behavior of creating Trash folder while deleting files from USB stick was fixed
  • some additional boot options along with different graphical environment selection were added in KDM; the graphical user login screen was totally rewritten in QML and the users ribbon was added to switch easily between multiple users
  • the ROSA native icon pack was renewed for better match with the non-KDE graphical environments
  • the Desktop icons displacement bug in ROSA Plasma theme was fixed
  • the KNotes upstream bug of not keeping the font settings was fixed
  • the multiple network interfaces issue in Network Manager was fixed
  • the whole software set was refreshed and K3B was added by default
  • new locale translations added

There were 198 bugs fixed in total 4 of which were critical. For more details see 

You can download the Marathon Release Pack 1 ISOs from

Submit your bug reports to ROSA Bugzilla at

To discuss the release and to ask questions, please visit our forums at

For more detail please contact to Konstantin Kochereshkin