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The Linux Foundation is to use Russian developments

30 ноября 2012 | Petr Fomichev | Company

Within the scope of the Google Summer of Code™ 2012 progam, a group of students from Russia under the guidance of Vladimir Rubanov and Denis Silakov has successfully completed several projects  concerning modification and improvement of the infrastructure used to develop the Linux Standard Base specifications and tools. All the projects were highly appreciated by the mentoring organization and their results are now merged to the development branches of the Linux Foundation products

In the end of August results of the annual Google Summer of Code™ program were published,. The program allow students from all over the world to participate in development of open source projects and get paid for it.

This year, ROSA workers Vladimir Rubanov and Denis Silakov acted as mentors in two projects of The Linux Foundation consortium aimed to redesign the infrastructure used to develop the Linux Standard Base specifications and tools (in order to make it more independent from particular DBMS), and implement runtime checks for applications in the Linux Application Checker tool aimed to evaluate portability of software among different Linux distributions and test applications for LSB compliance.

Results of the project devoted to redesign of the LSB Database underlying infrastructure are almost invisible for end users. Nevertheless, þe size of changes is quite large. In particular, modifications implemented in the LSB Navigator  web portal formed the major part of the new release  of this system.

In November, the consortium has presented an updated version of the Linux Application Checker tool. In the updated version, the test results page has a new tab named DynChk Tests where one can launch LSB DynChk for the application under test. Currently this test suite is not very rich and is able to detect only a limited set of errors; however, it alredy proved to be quite useful in practice.

Vladimir Rubanov, ROSA Deputy CEO and GSoC 2012 mentor, has thanked the participants for the high quality work. He has also expressed a hope that leaders of IT industry will continue to support open source project in future, since such projects allow to get young engineers involved in real velopment where they not only acquire technical knowledge, but gain wide experience in working with distributed international teams with publicly available results.

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