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The ROSA company is announcing the public beta of the official release of ROSA Fresh R1 based on GNOME 3.8 desktop

18 июля 2013 | Ekaterina Lopukhova | Products

The package base is the same as in earlier KDE and LXDE releases of ROSA Desktop Fresh R1. The previous unofficial release of ROSA Marathon 2012 GNOME featured GNOME 2 desktop.

ROSA FRESH R1 GNOME Beta features:

1) added support for Ilya Birman typography layout

2) the white GNOME Shell theme is used by default

3) some extensions are available out of the box: Dash to Dock, Weather, Notification Alert, Alternative Status Menu, GNOME clssic mode etc.

4) Firefox is back as the default browser due to the some issues with Chromium API keys

5) the gnome-initial-setup is used for new user setup

6) the fonts settings module from gnome-tweak-tool was added to the GNOME Control Center

7) Ubuntu patches for better fonts rendering on LCDs

Key system&software components:

Kernel 3.8.12


Firefox 22

Evolution 3.8.3

Libreoffice 3.6.6

ROSA Media Player 1.6.

Note that traditionally the betas are intended primarily to be tested by experienced users who would like to make bugreports, helping this way to improve the quality of the distribution. 

For more detailed information about ROSA products please refer to and our official page on FaceBook 

You may download the ISO images here

Users are welcome to report any bugs and issues to our bugzilla at (GNOME component)

ROSA experts and users are always ready to answer your questions at our English and localized forums