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“Urpm-tools” – utility suite for the “urpmi” toolkit

28 декабря 2011 | Irina Monakhova | Products

ROSA presents the first version of “urpm-tools” – utility suite, expanding and supplementing “urpmi” toolkit functionality. Other distributions developers and toolkit users have been looking forward to this package release: its components supplement existing toolkit perfectly and serve as great work assistant.

“Urpmi” users will be interested in “urpm-package-cleanup” utility, specializing in detecting problems with installed packages as well as system cleanup. In particular, this utility is helpful to find packages with several installed versions, to delete obsolete ones, and to determine which installed packages are not present in repository anymore. It can also detect the packages with missing hard or soft dependencies.

“Urpm-downloader” allows you to download packages with all the necessary dependencies from online repositories. This tool will be useful for developers to make their own repositories, and for users who wish to download all the necessary packages to install them from a local source.

Utilities like “urpm-repoclosure” and “urpm-repodiff” are intended for developers creating repositories for “Urpmi”. “Urpm-repoclosure” checks for repository lock-in according to dependencies, allowing to ensure repository self-sufficiency and to guarantee that the packages installation from this repository does not require additional sources. “Urpm-repodiff” allows to get detailed information about the differences between two repositories - a list of added and deleted packages, as well as list of modified packages with a description of the differences (based on the change log).

In the near future we plan to add a number of useful tools to this collection, stay tuned!

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