• With KDM you have a fast login with no effort

  • RocketBar is a swift and suitable way to launch and switch between applications

  • Enjoy your single launch point for applications

  • Experience a “cloud” way to display information in date order

  • StackFolder. Get a fast access to your frequently used files

  • Dolphin. Meet a modified and improved file manager!


General view

ROSA Desktop Fresh R is a new name distributions based on the ROSA platform. The «R» series is targeted at advanced users and enthusiasts who will appreciate rich functionality and freshness of distribution components without serious loss of quality. The name underlines the fact that the system contains "fresh" versions of user software and system components. This series is developed by ROSA with significant help of community. At the same time the system has passed numerous tests, it was polished and cleaned from tons of issues. The system is compatible with a wide range of modern hardware.

Among major Fresh advantages one should mention an excellent state of all repositories, stable work and fast boot of the system as a whole. As experiments show, the distribution is twice as fast as its predecessor. The main factors that allowed to achieve this are own software build and development environment ROSA ABF and active usage of international testing and verification practices. Besides that, developers have performed migration to a new version of the package manager, performed significant work on adopting distribution package base to new system components, fixed a lot of issues with package dependencies and have achieved almost complete closure of repositories.

The distribution is targeted to advanced users from community who are familiar with basic Linux components and want to get a product with a wide set of customization and personalization possibilities. That's why ROSA Desktop Fresh will be found amazing by those who like to change the world and change themselves.