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ROSA Server - a software solution for deployment of infrastructure services that covers all the information flows

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS)

ROSA Enterprise Linux Server (RELS) is a new item in the company's product line. The solution is compatible with widespread open and commercial enterprise software, including binary-level compatibility, as well. RELS is based on sources of Enterprise Linux and Mandriva, with additionally integrated tools for building private clouds and centralized management of network resources.


  • Enterprise Linux package base;
  • centalized management of user accounts;
  • web-based administration interface;
  • high scalability;
  • support for Windows and Linux clients;
  • support for x86 (i586) and x86_64 hardware architectures.

Key features:

  • user-friendly graphical and web-based administration tools for system and application management;
  • improved data and service security by means of strong user authorization with "Single SignOn" possibility;
  • easy integration with existing corporate networks;
  • detailed illustrated documentation from developers concerning almost all possible use cases.

Basic features:

  • hosting of company web site and other web applications (Web services);
  • internet access administration and statistics (proxyserver);
  • management of user accounts and machines (directory services, inventory services, mandatory access control);
  • creation and deployment of virtual servers and jobsites and means to access them (virtualization services, terminal services);
  • safe access to local resources through Internet (VPN server);
  • storage for data and documents (file access services).;
  • data protection and backup (antivirus nad backup services).

A set of tools and services for building private and public cloud infrastructures (IaaS). It also includes a service for organizing distributed data storage and comfortable Web interface.